Dear Visitor, I have decided to create my own personal click this link now professional website to share information about myself, my projects and insights, interesting and useful information as well as a simple vehicle for my consulting services. While I do maintain various profiles of mine across professional social networks, I consider this website as the main long-term hub and single point of contact due to much more freedom and flexibility that I have for presenting my information as well as due to much higher signal-to-noise ratio, when compared to other channels of communication, which are still more or less useful, depending on communication’s purpose and context. This website is created for people, interested in learning about me, connecting with me, asking my advice, hiring me, inviting for collaboration and otherwise engaging with me professionally. Thus, I welcome you here and invite you to browse various sections of the site. I hope that you will find it interesting and useful. I cordially thank you for stopping by and hope that you will enjoy your visit and return often. Best wishes,

Aleksandr L. Blekh

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