I was born and grew up in Moldavia (then part of former Soviet Union, now Republic of Moldova or, simply, Moldova). After graduation from Technical University of Moldova with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering (microelectronics and semiconductor devices), I started continue reading this.. my career as a software developer. I worked with different companies in various roles and in various sectors of economy. After immigrating to the United States, I continued to work as software development and IT consultant, while pursuing Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Based on excellent academic performance, I was offered an opportunity to enroll early in Ph.D. program in Information Systems at the same university (Nova Southeastern University). I happily accepted that opportunity due to my strong interest in performing research and teaching at the university level. Due to serious family circumstances, my study in the program took much longer than I planned. Nevertheless, I have recently successfully defended my dissertation and completed the program. During my studies, I have been staying up-to-date on trends and developments in software engineering. Additionally , thanks to my dissertation research, I was exposed to statistical analysis and data science, which became areas of my significant academic and practical interest.

I am a seasoned IT professional with 20+ years of diverse experience. I am a management and IT consultant, information systems researcher, data scientist, aspiring educator and entrepreneur. I am interested in product management, software  engineering, open source software ecosystem, open data, open and reproducible research, data science, statistics and quantitative methods, especially structural equation modeling (SEM), R ecosystem, machine urgent essay writing service learning and artificial intelligence, innovation, startups and venture capital, management science, knowledge management, information architecture, user experience (UX), education, medicine and a variety of other topics.

I am a multi-lingual and multi-cultural person. I speak English (fluently) and Russian (natively). I also speak some Romanian and Ukrainian. Currently I am passively learning Spanish. I am quite fascinated by the variety of languages and cultures on our planet and equally enjoy communicating with people from everywhere, both personally and professionally.