Generally, I am happy to share some brief advice to people, who think that I might add value to whatever they are interested in (obviously, this is limited to areas and topics that I feel I can provide such advice). Since my time, as everyone’s, is limited to 24 hours in a day, I can advise only a handful of people, depending on my workload and other circumstances. Requests of such nature follow my philosophy of mentoring and are part of my planned pro bono activities. Please see my mentoring page for more details.

However, for people that seek my advice on career, in general, and, specifically, on one in academia and IT industry, but expect that they need regular advice and/or consultations on various relevant topics, I plan to offer career coaching consulting services, most likely in a form of paid membership. Please stay tuned for more information, check this page later or, better yet, subscribe for my newsletter in order to be notified on when such service will be available and more details.