Current city of residence: Atlanta, GA

E-mail: AB_GMail_Email_Picture (not a link, please type!)

Telephone (US & Canada):     +1-855-877-0915 (Toll-free)

Telephone (US / Georgia):      +1-914-940-1315 (Local / International)

Telephone (US / New York):  +1-678-665-4677 (Local / International)

VoIP (SIP) Direct:

Skype: Shared confidentially on the need-to-know basis

I am happy to connect with people. However, I prefer to do so in an more or less orderly fashion in order to stay sane, while managing my professional and personal networks. Please follow the simple RULES below to respect each other’s valuable time and maximize potential benefits of our future interactions.

  • E-mail is, in general, the best way to contact me, at least, initially.
  • My telephone numbers (landline/PSTN, mobile and VoIP), listed on this website and within documents published here, should be used only in the following two cases: 1) for serious requests about my consulting and other services; 2) for scheduled consulting sessions or recruiting conversations. The same applies to my Skype communications, for which I share my Skype contact information appropriately.
  • For recruiters: e-mail should be the only way to initiate communication – please do not call unless we agreed on and scheduled a phone conversation.